Death on a Golden Isle

Death crashes the party at an exclusive island club for millionaires

The exclusive Jekyll Island Club off the Georgia coast is the seasonal home of America’s richest and most powerful men. In the luxurious mansions the residents call cottages, nothing unsavory is ever allowed, so it comes as a shock when the popular Bradley Dawkins is found dead from poison in his coffee. Eva Dawkins, the widow and chief suspect calls on Max Hurlock to save her from the unwelcome attentions of the Georgia police, and soon Max and Allison are rubbing elbows with railroad tycoons, financiers, bankers and industrialists. No one seems to have a motive to kill the victim except Max’s client, or possibly Bwana Pete, the gadabout big game hunter who seems unusually friendly with the bereaved Mrs. Dawkins. While Max questions members and an odd assortment of servants, Allison moves uneasily through the social minefield of the members’ wives all while trying to answer one nagging question: if Bradley Hawkins died from the poisoned coffee, why was his dying word “Cocoa”.


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Death on a Golden Isle takes place at the fabled Jekyll Island Club on the Georgia coast in the 1920s. The Jekyll Island Club was the winter home of some of America’s wealthiest and most powerful men. May brought servants with them and some arrived on private yachts. The club was not open to outsiders, and it is not hard to imagine the effect a murder and its investigation might have on this closed world.


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