Death in Unlikely Places

Someone is killing Florida real estate developers, and every crime is impossible!


In 1926, the Florida real estate boom is falling apart and someone is killing the biggest real estate developers in spectacular and impossible ways. One is stabbed in his locked office, apparently while shooting at the killer; one is killed while in a boat on a lake in view of a marina; one is killed in an elevator between floors; one is found draped over a tree branch 15 feet in the air; and one is shot while alone in a private gallery whose only door is in constant view of dozens of witnesses.

The killer is so elusive, he is being called The Invisible Man, and a famous aviation pioneer calls on Max Hurlock to get to the bottom of it. Can Max Hurlock make sense of these mysterious events? More to the point, can he stop them?
In this fifth Max Hurlock mystery, enter the world of Florida in the Roaring 20s and meet real estate barons, tin can tourists, crackers, bootleggers, and even a Voodoo priestess. As Allison would say “St Michaels was never like this.”


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The Florida real estate boom of the 1920s

Death in Unlikely Places is set in Florida in 1926. A combination of rising affluence, more leisure time, more automobiles and better roads have led to a land rush for Florida real estate, As the speculation fever rises, the prices of land get pushed ever higher, and some have invested their life savings in hope of a big return. But when the book stalls, many are stuck with their heavily mortgaged property with no buyers in sight. Based on the still unsolved case of the death of developer D.P. Davis, who disappeared from a steamship in mid ocean, Death in Unlikely Places has Max and Allison on the track of a very unhappy customer.